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Sunday, September 22

new product! (and a give-away!)


Happy first day of fall! And a little announcement + giveaway!
So I've been broadening my handmade horizons! New tote bags are in the shop. :) And in celebration I've decided to give this one away!

Give-away rules:
1. Leave a comment telling me your faaaavorite thing about fall!
2. Earn additional entries by tweeting a link to this post or your favorite item in my shop. Be sure and tag me so I can see it! :) (@chandelierjenny) You can also share the give-away on Facebook. Leave a comment for each additional entry letting me know.
3. Visit my Instagram feed for another chance to win through Instagram!

(You can earn up to 4 entries!)


  1. Hi Jenny! I love your new totes. My favorite things about fall are hot apple cider and apple picking. Plus, my birthday is in the fall! Love, Courtney

  2. as i grow older, fall gives me this strange anxiety that i cannot quite place yet (believe me, i'm trying to find it's source). so as everybody else starts slurping down PSLs and throwing on as many layers as they can handle, i am a little more cautious of this season. this year i am trying to pay attention to the little things that both delight and scare me and so far i must say that i love these crisp, clear mornings. there is something so refreshing and revitalizing about a fall morning - i am trying hard to keep that feeling up throughout the day.

    that was probably far more than you wanted to know about how i feel about fall ;).


  3. i instagrammed :). @aubadillo

  4. i tweeted :). @myhighnoon

  5. i facebooked :). https://www.facebook.com/aubrey.nelson.9?hc_location=stream

  6. I already Instagrammed the other day (loveeverydaylife)

  7. The thing I love most about fall? OMG it's like choosing a favorite child - I love everything!

    Hmm...okay if I had to choose I think it would be the air - the cool, crisp air, especially in the morning or evenings as I'm leaving for/coming home from work - there's nothing like it!

  8. I just tweeted and tagged you in it!

  9. Aaaand I tagged you on Facebook! (OMG I need this bag!)

  10. My favorite thing about fall is finally being able to get a fire in the fireplace (okay, okay-my husband does that) and sitting down to read right in front of it! A nice hot cup of tea compliments an evening such as this! Cristin Merker

  11. Jenny, I LOVE your new totes and the style direction you are going in. I will be purchasing one from you in the future for sure.

  12. Jenny, I LOVE your new totes and the style direction you are going in. I will be purchasing one from you in the future for sure.

    The last post showed as unknown? It was me! - Michelle (Little Blue Feathers)