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Tuesday, November 26

a new chapter...

Life has been crazy for my little family lately, which is why things have been so quiet around this blog over the last several months. We are working on a lot of changes and I'm going to be upfront with you, we are starting a new chapter, which means we are closing this one.

My Chandelier Jenny shop and blog will be closing soon as we begin to focus on moving in a new direction. I fondly think of Chandelier Jenny as my practice field, a place where I learned so much. What started out as a hobby has become something more; my dreams have become family dreams and those dreams have transformed and matured.  Tyson has become more involved; my plans have become our plans. We want this new project to represent of both of us. And, let's face it, Chandelier Jenny just doesn't cut it. I am still going to be sewing and selling my handmade bags, but they're going to be new and improved. I am also working on a new blog.

Over the next few weeks you'll start to notice some rebranding as we begin this new venture. Changing everything I have built up until this point won't be easy so it may roll out slowly. But I will leave you with this thought, which sums up how I feel right now:
If not now, when?

Thank you to everyone who has followed along and everyone who has helped promote my business, shared a photo, or bought something that I made. It's because of you all that I strive to grow and be better.

** Because of the upcoming changes, I am trying to sell through my current inventory. Many items have been heavily marked down and I'm still offering 20% off with the coupon code "GIVETHANKS20". I will be extending this promotion through December. **


  1. Ahhh! This makes me sad and excited! Can't wait to see what the next chapter is!

  2. so excited for you guys! be sure to let us know when you change blog sites...don't want to miss out on anything!!!

  3. I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures and family life and wish you all the best for your new direction!



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