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Tuesday, August 23

weekly finds

I've been looking at a lot of bedding lately because I feel like ours is really lacking! Here are some that I love.
1. Chevron Duvet from Urban Outfitters (found image from Chic Geek)
2. Quilt from Target
3. Waves Quilt from Anthropologie (only $998! whoa... with two doggies, I don't think I'd be okay with that)
4. Striped Duvet from West Elm
5. Yellow Foliage Bedding from Target

Wow, I'm definitely drawn to the stripes and yellows. I think it's because I always try to look for something that is somewhat gender-neutral. I can be pretty girly, but Tyson definitely isn't fond of the super girly (e.g., pink) decor. I keep telling him that I'm going to do something big and bold and pink in our house, it's the one color that you can't find anywhere except for my closet and even there it's sparse. ;)

1. Heidi, over at Home by Heidi, has some great tips for making your bed worthy to be in a magazine. 
2. Allie wrote a great post on keeping it kind (in the blogosphere). 


  1. i have #1 in grey. i love how it looks, but it's not as soft as it looks, unfortunately :(


  2. Haha! That last one from Target was the one Rusty and I had at our old house! That is so weird. I freaking love your taste. You pick good stuff, no matter what it is.

  3. love all of those! if i had unlimited $$ i think i would always be changing my bedding. there are just too many great options out there! i think the yellows are my favorite.


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